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Interior Design
Color Schemes and Statements

To make a bold color statement, reds mixed with light greens or bright greens mixed with yellows and oranges are great for making a room really stand out. Black and white combinations also make a bold statement.

Never hesitate to use solid white blended with bright colors to create a bright, fun atmosphere in a room. Bold colors can be used in rooms where there is entertainment or family games. Bold colors also work well for a child’s room or sun room. Bright colors can be used to set a mood or draw attention. Perhaps you’d like to draw attention to a certain area of a room. Dazzling colors will draw attention.

For a more relaxing room, use neutral colors with a hint of light color here and there to create a pleasant, calm ambiance. If your furniture is dark in color, lighten it up with accessories. A dark colored couch can be enlightened by a lovely throw rug or pillows. Use a table cloth or runner to brighten a cherry wood table.

A dark headboard of a bed can be complimented by a neutral colored drape or cloth. There are many accessories you can use to reform an otherwise dark or dull room. Other decor items that are inexpensive and can beautify a room are lamps , flowers, figurines, portraits, sculptures, tables, stools and drapes.

Textures and Color

If you’re using neutral colors to maintain a peaceful aura in a room, textures keep the room simple, but interesting. Textures are created using decorative pieces that your guests will want to reach out and touch. Examples of pieces with rich textures can be soft, shaggy pillows, a velvet table cloth, a fruit basket that looks very real with fuzzy peaches, a canvas painting, etc. Textured pieces add to the decor of a room, but don’t necessarily make bold statements unless they’re very bright in color. You can blend these types of items into a room of neutral colors.

Colors for Bathrooms, Utility Rooms and Home Offices

Smaller rooms of the home are sometimes difficult to decorate. Limited space tends to result in limited imagination for many people. You shouldn’t ignore these rooms, however. They are very important in your home, and can leave an impression also. For smaller rooms, light colors can make the rooms appear more spacious. Even though these rooms are limited in space, you can still be creative with the space you have available.
Your bathroom colors should be relaxing because this is where you spend time bathing and preparing for the busy day ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely bathroom all to yourself for at least a “few” moments each morning?

If you have a home office, you can blend several bright colors to create a busy, fun atmosphere. Boredom and fatigue often hinders people who work at home (especially while operating a computer). Give your home office personality and excitement with a bright-colored decor. It might keep you awake and alert on those tiresome afternoons!

A utility room, although not frequently visited by guests, should be decorated for convenience, not just beauty. Organization is the key, and adding a splash of color will give the room an energetic atmosphere.

Spring Living Room Décor Ideas

Take a used wreath and remove the decorations. Arrange new spring flowers on the wreath, leaving a small area open at the top. Buy a wide piece of ribbon in a color that will match your room and the flowers.
Tie the ribbon loosely around the top with a bow above the wreath. Use the bow to hang it on the wall. You can also decorate the wreath and place it on a table or plate with a pillar candle in the middle. Use bright colors such as spring green, sunshine yellow, bright pink, or blue.

Candles and Fragrances

Candle groupings in pastel or bright spring colors can add new zest to your living room decor. Decorate your mantel or coffee table with different colors and sizes of candles. Glue ribbons or flowers on them to add variety to the grouping.
If you have a large multi-wick candle, use a ribbon to thread small flowers or beads in spring colors around it.

Does Your Living Room Smell Really Fresh?

Fragrance is another way to convey a spring decor theme in your living room. Buy new potpourri for your simmering pot, or lose leaves for an open bowl. Colorful dried potpourri will add colorful accents to match the other spring decorations in your living room.
This spring, be sure to brighten up your living room with crafts you have made by hand. Make your living room a comfortable, inviting place to spend time with friends and family. These personal touches will bring new style into your room.

Kitchen Furniture Design

All of us (who has a house with kitchen) realize that there are some of rooms that are very important. One could think about bedroom, living room mean while another think about bath room. In fact, in my perspective, one of the most important section of the house is a kitchen. Apart from considering to buy good quality kitchen appliances, there are some factors to consider about too. It is about selecting good kitchen furniture.

It seems that there are two important element of kitchen furniture that have to be taken into account, one is the quality of the material and the other one is the design. In this article we will talk about kitchen furniture design, which is one of these factors that you have to carefully consider. Following criteria is what you should think and do some research before you decide to spend money with. This is because kitchen furniture is generally expensive and you will have no second chance if you bought the wrong design.

1. Consider the type of the kitchen

This is very important factor that should be the first priority. Because if you choose the furniture design that could not match to the type of your kitchen, there will be difficult to manage, maintenance and clean. For example, if you have small kitchen for just cook for light meals, it is obvious that you do not need any kind of heavy kitchen furniture. You have to consider that whether you will put dining table in the kitchen room. If you have large space you can have a small set of dining table but if the kitchen is too small, you should look for some other place as a dining room.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs

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Stainless Steel Kitchen Designs