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Contemporary Lippincott Living townhome Interior by Blurredge Group

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Contemporary Lippincott Living townhome Interior by Blurredge Group

Lippincott Living ıs really a new eight-townhome which is the debut collection by Blurredge Group – a collaboration between deisgners Cecconi Simone and architect Brad Netkin. This limited-edition residences is consisting Eight custom homes with exceptional modern lines, generous 3 bedroom plans, exclusively designed for young and young-at-heart urban dwellers. Distinguished by a sharp modern look, sensible open-concept interiors and design elements that are soft on the environment, these unique Home reflect the wants, needs and concerns of contemporary urban residents. With elegant, streamlined designer interiors free of superfluous elements and filled with natural light, sophisticated, subdued colour palettes that blend quickly with any décor style. Living in a house is one thing and feeling connected to the neighbourhood it stands in is something else entirely, Lippincott Living was conceived to fit seamlessly within its organic and man-made environments.

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Unique Beach-house Interior design by Schola Architecture in Laguna California

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Unique Beach-house Interior design by Schola Architecture in Laguna California

Also called the Temple Hills Residence because of its positions on the hills of Laguna Beach, California. The design project for this beach Residence ıs really a study in connections from Schola Architecture, where they were succesfully remodeling an present 1950’s post and beam beach cottage into a unique house with two faces connected via a thin sheet of glass. Nestled into a steeply sloping 5,000-square foot site, the volumes step up the hillside to the rear from the existing residence creating an ascending series of interior and exterior spaces, giving access to all levels within the property. With the monolithic concrete block mass anchors the addition; from which structure and glass pin wheel off creating ever dematerializing living spaces that open up for the views as one moves up via the home. At the heart from the stainable strategies employed throughout the household is the reuse from the entire present home. In addition, solar orientation, deep overhangs and operable glass permit the home to breathe throughout the year with little mechanical assistance. The palette ıs really a mix of renewable and exposed building materials, eliminating the need for secondary finishes.

Minimalist Furniture For Modern Living Room

As the Amish Proverb says, “No dream comes true until you wake up and go to work”. Any homebuyer knows the dream of buying a home took much work as well. In that same aspect, the furniture and appearance inside a home can be just as important as the home itself. This can be especially true in regards to dining room furniture. The furniture in a dining room can bring family and friends together for any occasion, making the quality and beauty of that furniture the most important.

Amish furniture, which has been developed for centuries, is known for its outstanding quality and beauty. The Amish believe in creating exceptional furniture with the techniques that have been passed down through the generations. The dining tables and other furniture are built durable and high quality, offering an exceptional heirloom for any family. Each piece serves its own purpose and is available in different styles and finishes. When the mass production of dining room furniture began, the Amish style of furniture became lost in the market. Only recently have the consumers taken the chance to see the beauty and creativity of these pieces versus the “run of the mill” furniture found on the market today. One of the best qualities of true Amish furniture is that it is “made to order”, giving the consumer the opportunity to customize their dining room pieces to fit their lifestyle and space. The consumer has the option of choosing each piece of the furniture including the wood, legs, stain, edges and extensions.

House Interior Design and Decorating Inspiration with Beautiful Mirror

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Interior Design and Decorating Inspiration – Home Interior Design and Decoration with Beautiful Mirror – Exotic Interior Decorating Inspiration with Nice Mirror – Interior Decoration with Beautiful Wall Mirror

Bedroom Decorating with Lilac Bed from Hülsta

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