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Fast Food Restaurant Interior Design of KFC

This good sample of rapidly meals restaurant ınternal picture by PK Arkitektar could inspire you, its an architectural making design of Kentucky Fried Chicken’s rapid food restaurants that was designed by the architects out of its regular look. With 530 sqm constructed location, this restaurant ınternal style project was completed in 2005.

This KFC restaurant’s constructing volume ıs usually a play with black boxes. The major body ıs usually a horizontal box lying about the pitch black pavement and two vertical types who stretch up and out, catching the two the consumers in their cars about the ground and also the skylight from above to the building. The outside is clad with semi matte black tiles sparingly cut out for vertical ribbons of windows, which underlines the awesome and advanced appearance. The west end of the making is surprisingly sheer glass, which mirrors the huge space and opens the setting up to the street and sea look at.

The inside is kept in raw in-situ cast concrete which invites for some interesting play with sincere light, shadow and surface. The fine detailing and light fixtures designed from the architect are a dialog towards the standardized menu billboards and brand furniture because they come in brightly coloured synthetic materials.