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Zip Up Chair Loving Your Premium Space

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If you ever required the ıdeal chair when spaces are at premium in your house or apartment or even your lofts then permanent furniture won’t solve your space problem as it will hog much spaces entirely and stuck there at the whole time. With Zip Up Chair from Kim-In Bo will answer to that space dilemma. Even the smallest apartments will fit this functional furniture and this cool Zip Up Chair is pretty handy. All you must do is just unzip that chair and you will have yourself some cool trendy offering chair. Now you’re ready to sit at any time. You are able to even bring this chair anywhere. Amazing offering from Kim isn’t it?

Modern Minimalist Black and White Apartment Interior Design in Amsterdam by i29 Architects

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i29 Architects has completed Modern Minimalist the interior design for an apartment in Amsterdam. Description of your i29: This apartment for one family for four ındividuals located in a magnificent building within the south of Amsterdam, NL. The original structure, with room for staff, a double room and long hallway with many doors have been converted to, residential area full of light and air transparency.

A combined kitchen with cabinets from floor to ceiling has been laser-cut front panel, spray painted all white. This pattern results in a dynamic mix of open and closed cabinets, the holes also function as an integrated handle. Transparency provides the depth ın the volume of your object skin is equipped with furniture like a chair Grcic. An atrium with an open staircase to bring natural light from big roof light into the living region. Along the walls on the stairs opened two stories tall pine covered with clear, and connect the two levels. Upstairs the master bedroom located next to significant bathroom with tile structured from the end of Patricia Urquola, glass, and wood cabinets.

House at Punta Chilen by DRN, Site Offers an Open ViewHouse at Punta Chilen by DRN, Site Offers an Open View

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House at Punta Chilen by DRN, Site Offers an Open View

Located within the tip of a peninsula about the island of Chiloe, the ınternet site offers an open view of the horizon 360º around it and distant views over the Andes mountains where at least 8 volcanos might be seen (some of them still active). A rhythmic repetition of columns around the very first floor carry the structure to the perimeter and generates changing shadows to the interiors. The oblique shape ın the corten steel roof around the second floor defines an irregular perimeter opposed towards the flat line ın the horizon, creating a contained living space to inhabit during the rainy days of Chiloe. Please visit DRN web-site for further detail about this house.