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Modern Victorian Apartment Interior Design Inspiration

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Modern Victorian Apartment Interior Design Inspiration

Converted from Victorian school building, this ıncredible 1400 square feet Apartment has Lifestyle location with big studio area. Supply modern victorian interior style with wooden panelling, really cool painted brick wall and wood burning fireplace. Living room with cool furniture collection, seating and wall system are decorated perfectly. Complete with minimalist Bathroom, victorian style master bedroom and boudoir space. For more inspiration, please take a look from some great style picture below.

Home Bedroom Furniture

Everyone has different taste, and that often gets in the way of decorating your home after marriage. You each like different colors and styles, and the one room that should be your own private love nest becomes the object of bitter design battles. How can you work together to choose your bedroom furniture and accents so that you are both happy with the results?

Of course, the first word that comes to mind is compromise, which makes most people roll their eyes in disgust. To be honest, compromise is not always the right way to go. If you compromise, each party often ends up uncomfortable with some aspect of the design. He hates the ruffled curtains, and she hates the stately wrought iron beds and armchairs. There are better ways to go about coming to an agreement on your bedroom accents.

While it sounds like a difficult task, you should really consider nixing any ideas from either party that irritate the other. Instead, you need to focus on common likes and dislikes. This can be a long and tedious process, but you will come to a point where you can determine what will please you both. For example, neither of you likes the color pink, so there will be no rose, lilac, or other shade of pink in the comforter, on the pillows, or anywhere else in your bedroom. However, after browsing several catalogs offering metal bed furniture, wooden headboard accents, and every brass canopy bed you can imagine, and walking through several furniture and accessory stores, you find that you both like rust colored accents. Now, you can find a bed skirt and perhaps matching window shades in this color that please you both.

Green Touch Sophisticated Lighting Décor Interior Design

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Here is one of Lori Dennis urban interior layout project with her ‘green’ touch style. Just about every space has green plants that exhale natural living sense even surrounded by concrete materials works and building structure. In this project, Lori Dennis adds aesthetic sophisticated lamps lighting in every single room. The modern lamps have unique style and strong character, functioned as elegant décor also sign of region independency. Easy wooden earth tone furniture produce elegant and glamorously atmosphere in basic white interior colors. For space function layout, a living space that combined with entertainment location, a music DJ’s corner equipped with turntable along with winery definitely a amazing idea. For the kitchen bar style with cheer-up green furniture and décor bring fun while cooking. Lori Dennis Pattern.